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Now, having brought Rolaids back, it probably wouldn't be fair to go without at least acknowledging what it once was. It was important to me. That said, I'm not inclined to put up much of the old stuff. I've got a new angle, and I like it, and I don't want to undermine it.

So, I'm actually not going to post anything from the original here. But, the "articles" below were certainly part of that era (the part that was more fun) and they did appear on the original passtherolaids.

1. "Was Cleanliness Happiness?": I think, a sweet history of the
first website I ever had with my friends Joey, Jesse, and Pat.  

2. "Dipsoluscious: The Sad Fate of Forgotten Champions": I 
actually wrote this for the Colorado College student  co-sports
newspaper, The Catalyst, in 2005. My friend Beale and I were
co-sports editors and I abused our position, wrote completely
fabricated stories about myself.

3.  "Starr Strikes Again": This is part two of the Catalyst piece    
         begun in "Dipsoluscious" above.

4. "The X Factor: Superfan Embraces Role, Takes Credit for Victories":
    One of two stories for which I wrote the intros. Each is then taken over
    by my unstable roommate, Jedd.

5. "Better Now: Area Madman Takes Radically Progressive Position":
    Jedd just wanted to write something.

6. "Homecoming 2005: By All Accounts a Perfect Day": a sort of tribute
    to Colorado College soccer coach Horst Richardson.


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